Business Intelligence Benefits

The most valuable resource in the modern workplace is the time and attention of its employees, yet most businesses (even those that use timesheets) have only the vaguest notion of how this resource is spent. With automated employee time tracking you gain the following benefits:

  • You can identify employees who are overworking or underutilized
  • You can identify employees who are undertasked but are afraid to speak up about it
  • You can identify employees who are unmotivated
  • You can see how environment variables in the work place effect aggregate productivty. For example, when a team doubles in size, how does that change how people spend their time? How has productivity changed since you changed the layout of the office? What would happen if you instituted a "no email on Fridays" policy?
  • You can identify the web sites that are expensive distractions for your team
  • You can understand which software is actually being utilized by your team

Workplace Transparency Benefits

For teams with a high level of trust, we recommend using RescueTime "in the open". This can allow employees to see how they spend their own time compared to their average peer, or can extend further to allow your team to look at how other individuals spend their time. Workplace transparency like this has powerful ramifications for the workplace. These include:

  • Increased productivity. Virtually everyone feels that they work harder than the majority of their coworkers. Approximately half of them are wrong. When employees can see how they spend their time, they often feel more accountable. It's the equivelant of being able to see a credit card statement-- the truth of it is hard to ignore.
  • Good natured competitiveness. We've heard RescueTime users call it a "video game for work". We've also heard of users who don't feel right about going home until they hit their RescueTime goals. The data in RescueTime is interesting, fun, and motivating for employees
  • Reduced resentment. We all have imperfect pictures of the effort put forth by our coworkers. Some employees work unusual hours. Some take more "visible" work breaks than others. As a result, employees who appear to work hard oftentimes get more respect than those that really do work hard.
  • Less deception and less guilt. Deception and guilt at work is not uncommon. Employees oftentimes "alt-tab" to a productive program when a coworker walks by. People oftentimes stay beyond their productive window surfing the web because they don't want to be seen as the person who goes home early. Obvious breaks from work can create feelings of guilt when 15 minutes of shopping on the web does not. With workplace transparency, all of the energy and emotion that goes into workplace deception like this goes away.

You can get the benefits of workplace transparency by using a time tracking application in the open, like RescueTime Empower (Business Time Management Software)