People rely on RescueTime to
become more productive.

Clay johnson

Clay Johnson

Author : The Information Diet

RescueTime helps track what you're working on, keeping a diligent count of what's happening on your computer. While it cannot track and account for your every moment, for those that are spending most of their time in front of a computer, RescueTime is the best tool.

As seen in Lifehacker :

How to Start Your Information Diet

Matt everson

Matt Everson

Founder and Principle :

For the past year, I've been able to count 75 percent of my time as billable hours, which is great for a designer. RescueTime certainly played a role in that.

As seen in Inc Magazine :

A Tool to Boost Personal Productivity

David reeves

David Reeves

Director of Product : Limeade | @dreeves

RescueTime teaches me things about my workday I would never otherwise have the time or perspective to learn. It's a great tool for anyone who wants to be intentional about improving their productivity.

Dan mcgaw

Dan McGaw

Director of Marketing :

Rescuetime has helped me become extremely respectful of not only my work time, but family time. I finally can say I have a work life balance because I know what and how much I am working.

Maggie melchior

Maggie Melchior

Wow. @RescueTime is awesome, and makes me way more accountable with my time each day (shetweeted, fully understanding the irony) ;-)

Aline dizik

Alina Dizik

Writer :

RescueTime really helped us get a handle on how we spend our work time. And having a written account of where our minutes went pushed us to modify our work habits—and get more done.

As seen in The Wall Street Journal :

Services to Help Us Stop Dawdling Online

Buster benson new

Buster Benson

Product Manager - Analytics : Twitter

RescueTime works like a biofeedback loop, letting me know when my guess about my own productivity (or lack thereof) is confirmed in real data. As I've learned from it over time, I've become a lot smarter about using my time well, and getting the most meaningful work done that I can.

Drew moxon

Drew Moxon

Behavioral Designer : @moxon

71% productivity of all computer time this week via @rescuetime . Fantastic to be able to track improvement. So much InDesign time...

Domenico prattichizzo

Domenico Prattichizzo

So far today I spent 7h 20m online.Only 14% of that was "distracting" (so says RescueTime). Yay!

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