People rely on RescueTime to
become more productive.

Erin greenawald

Erin Greenawald

Writer :

I've been using RescueTime Premium for a few months now, and love the service for a few reasons. First of all, unlike many services that force me to input my activities on my own (a hard-to-remember and, frankly, time-consuming task), RescueTime does all the legwork for me, discreetly and in the background.

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The Easiest Way to See Exactly How Productive You Are

Buster benson new

Buster Benson

Product Manager - Analytics : Twitter

RescueTime works like a biofeedback loop, letting me know when my guess about my own productivity (or lack thereof) is confirmed in real data. As I've learned from it over time, I've become a lot smarter about using my time well, and getting the most meaningful work done that I can.

Shawn blanc

Shawn Blanc

Writer & Publisher : The Focus Course

They say hindsight is 20/20, and the RescueTime service is a way to see how you’re actually spending your time. Its insight and data can help you make better decisions about what you do with your day.

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RescueTime Review

Jessica holland

Jessica Holland

Culture & Tech Journalist :

What I found when I first installed the app was that the site I used most was my email service. Most of this was work-related, but it made me think about pushing all my emailing time into certain daily slots: perhaps at the end of the day, when I was too tired for more challenging activities.

As seen in The National :

Monitor your workday productivity with RescueTime app

Belle beth cooper

Belle Beth Cooper

Co-founder : Hello Code

Since we opened Exist into public beta we've had a UserVoice forum where our users can suggest and vote for new integrations. Our most popular integration request for the past few months has been RescueTime, sitting on 115 votes. The next request on the list is sitting on 63 votes.

As seen in the Exist Blog :

Our most-requested integration is here: RescueTime

Matt everson

Matt Everson

Founder and Principle :

For the past year, I've been able to count 75 percent of my time as billable hours, which is great for a designer. RescueTime certainly played a role in that.

As seen in Inc Magazine :

A Tool to Boost Personal Productivity

Maggie melchior

Maggie Melchior

Wow. @RescueTime is awesome, and makes me way more accountable with my time each day (shetweeted, fully understanding the irony) ;-)

Clay johnson

Clay Johnson

Author : The Information Diet

RescueTime helps track what you're working on, keeping a diligent count of what's happening on your computer. While it cannot track and account for your every moment, for those that are spending most of their time in front of a computer, RescueTime is the best tool.

As seen in Lifehacker :

How to Start Your Information Diet

David reeves

David Reeves

Director of Product : Limeade | @dreeves

RescueTime teaches me things about my workday I would never otherwise have the time or perspective to learn. It's a great tool for anyone who wants to be intentional about improving their productivity.

Jay meistrich

Jay Meistrich

Co-founder and CEO :

I was surprised to find out that I’m significantly more productive while traveling. But it makes sense. If I’m only in Rome for a week, why would I waste my time on Facebook? Being constantly surrounded by novelty reduces my boredom and increases my focus, and even makes me feel healthier and more creative.

As seen in Entrepreneur :

How I Built a Startup While Traveling to 20 Countries

Dan mcgaw

Dan McGaw

Director of Marketing :

Rescuetime has helped me become extremely respectful of not only my work time, but family time. I finally can say I have a work life balance because I know what and how much I am working.

Jamie todd rubin

Jamie Todd Rubin

Science Fiction Writer :

With actual numbers in hand based on my behavior, I can begin to change my behavior and measure that change over time. First and foremost on the list is a tradeoff: more writing time for less social media time.

As seen in :

How I Used RescueTime to Baseline My Activity in 2014 and Set Goals for 2015

Quincy larson

Quincy Larson

Teacher : FreeCodeCamp

Not counting in-person meetings, it seems I work about 55 hours per week. I know this because I use a tool called RescueTime to track exactly which applications or websites I have in focus. For example, I know that I had either RubyMine (my IDE) or Terminal in focus for 1,288 hours in 2014, and that I spent about 290 hours doing entertainment-related activities like playing speed chess or watching YouTube.

As seen in :

2014 in Numbers - My Life Behind the Command Line

Aline dizik

Alina Dizik

Writer :

RescueTime really helped us get a handle on how we spend our work time. And having a written account of where our minutes went pushed us to modify our work habits—and get more done.

As seen in The Wall Street Journal :

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