We're exploring ways to help you be more focused

Focus is a lot like sleep. The more you try to make it happen, the harder it gets. Instead, it seems like the only time we really recognize that we were deeply focused is once we’re not anymore!

We've been working on new ways to give you immediate, in-the-moment feedback on your attention and focus, and we've created three new features that we think will help.

Focus Meter

Our day-timer windows now show a measure of your current focus level

RescueTime for Visual Studio Code

We've added a view of your current focus level to the toolbar of this popular code editor

RescueTime for Slack

Protect your focus by automatically putting yourself in do-not-disturb mode when you’re concentrating

Here's how you can help

We'd like you to try out any of the features above for a few days, then give us your feedback about what works and what doesn't.

You will need to have a RescueTime account to get started.

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