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RescueTime (Automated Time Tracking Software)

Effortless Time-Management For Your Team of Knowledge Workers

Improve your entire team's time-management skills.

RescueTime makes it easy for team members to understand where their time is being spent, with zero data entry. With regular feedback and a set of tools to help manage distractions, they'll become better at managing themselves.

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1. Do your team members really know how they are spending their days at work?

Top activities

Maybe not as much as they think they do. Meetings and email communications are notorious time sinks. RescueTime makes it easy to understand where time is being spent.

2. Give your team the right tools to manage distractions and stay on target.

Focus time

Users can block out distractions for periods when they need to buckle down and focus. A productivity score provides an at-a-glance motivator to stay focused.

3. Continuous feedback keeps team members informed about how they spend their time.

Weekly report

A personalized weekly time-report helps keep team-members aware of how they are doing. They can also receive alerts for meeting goals or exceeding time limits in specific categories.

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Additional benefits for you and your team

As a manager, you get a high-level, aggregate view of how your team is spending their time. This gives you valuable information to do all sorts of things:

  • Easily spot organizational problems, like an over-abundance of time spent in email.
  • Know what applications are being used the most. Do you really need to license that $2,000 piece of software for your whole team if only 2 people are regularly using it?
  • Determine when your team is at peak-efficiency and vow to never schedule meetings on top of that time.

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Efficiency summary

How does RescueTime work?

RescueTime works by using a lightweight application to securely and unobtrusively gather data for your team members about what applications, websites, and documents they are spending time with. RescueTime then crunches that data into interesting and actionable insights for you, presented on a web-dashboard and in a weekly email for each team member.

Getting your team set up is easy, you just send everyone an invite link.

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