Mobile app dashboard

for Android

Live your digital life on your own terms and focus on the things that really matter

  • Automatically track time spent on your Android devices
  • Set and track goals for both desktop and mobile screen time
  • Build better habits, block distractions, and be more productive

Putting the entire internet in our collective pockets has made us ludicrously connected. Our smartphones give have given us immediate access to everything—news, entertainment, directions home, that amazing recipe, family, friends, friends of friends, total strangers from all over the world!

But there are downsides to all that connection. We now know that our mobile devices can ruin our sleep, deteriorate our attention, and addict us to their pings, dings, and flashes just like a slot machine. In fact, the average person now spends more than three hours per day looking at their phone, checking them every three minutes! That’s not a healthy relationship.

We want people to be in control of how they use their phones. With our new Android app, you can now see how your phone use relates to your entire digital life and take back control over how you spend your time on your digital devices. Without any shame.

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