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Improved focus

Create better habits that boost your concentation.

Smart guidance

Navigate your busy schedule and find free time.

Backed by research

More than a decade of helping millions of workers with time management.

Make sense of your time

See a clear picture of your workday—your real workday. With your RescueTime’s reports you’ll see where you’re spending your time and use that information to establish your ideal work week.

What's different?

If you’ve used RescueTime in the past, you might be wondering “so what’s the difference between this version and the old one?"

RescueTime Classic

(the old RescueTime)

Know where your time goes.

RescueTime Classic provides in-depth reports focused on timestamps, overwhelming amounts of data, and to the minute activity details.

Be more productive.

Tools like the Productivity Pulse and activity reports show how your productive computer time stacks up against activities you’ve designated as unproductive.

Limit unproductive activities.

Goals and alerts let you know you’ve spent too much or too little time on specific activities, and you can customize your alert message to encourage breaks.

new RescueTime

Understand your time.

The new RescueTime presents data specifically about your workday, focusing on information that will offer insight on how to improve your work habits.

Be more Focused.(and more productive because of it).

Improving your ability to focus lets you do more in less time, but busy schedules still limit your time for deep work. Focus zone alerts and Focus Sessions help you make the most of the time you have.

Achieve balance.

A balance report lets you know how well you’re keeping work in its proper place. Balance alerts warn you when you’re in danger of burnout and remind you to take breaks.


What are the main differences between the new RescueTime and the previous version?

In the past, RescueTime focused on helping you see how you spend you computer time—down to the tiniest detail. There were options to create a multitude of filters and sub-categories to sort your computer activities, but it was a lot of information to process and understand, and it was difficult to decide what information was useful. It was also time-consuming to sort and categorize activities.

The new RescueTime still shows you how you spend your computer time, but with a focus on restructuring your workday, and with a new intention: to form habits that improve your work/life balance. Because of this, the new RescueTime is more opinionated on what information is helpful to you. New features—both current and upcoming—are released with the goal of creating your ideal work day, a day during which you both accomplish more and have more free time.

How much does the new RescueTime cost? Is there a free version?

The new RescueTime costs $6.50 a month when paid annually ($78 a year), or $12 a month when paid monthly. You'll find a link to the free version with limited features on the billing page of the signup flow. This version does not include access to past data, Focus Sessions, or calendar integration.

Is there a weekly report?

In addition to your end-of-day summaries in the Assistant, you'll receive a weekly report both in the Assistant and by email. These weekly reports provide you with statistics on Focus Work, distractions, and meetings, so you can see where there's room for improvement and prepare for the week to come.

Will I lose my historical data if I switch to the new RescueTime?

Your historical data is preserved if you switch to the new RescueTime, unless you have deleted your account. Deleted account data is not recoverable.

If you have historical data, it will appear in the new RescueTime’s History report, and may appear in upcoming report features.

What will happen to my goals and alerts when I switch to the new RescueTime?

If you switch from the previous RescueTime to the new version, your previous goals and alerts will not be saved.

The new RescueTime includes a revamped goal and alert system, which operates differently than in the previous version, with different settings. Our new system takes your daily schedule into account and adjusts your goals accordingly.

Will the mobile app still work with the new version of RescueTime?

The current mobile app is not compatible with the new version of RescueTime, and does not share mobile data with the new version.

We are in the early stages of developing a new mobile app for iOS and Android that works with the new RescueTime, and is better suited to support our re-envisioned mission in digital wellness.

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