RescueTime for Orgs

Make focus your competitive advantage

RescueTime for Orgs gives your team the insights and tools they need to do more of their best work, every single day.

“My team has been using RescueTime for over three years now and it has been nothing short of a game changer in terms of productivity. Not only has it helped us stay organized in our projects and aligned with our goals, but if you’ve always wondered why there’s not enough time in a day, RescueTime will show you where it all goes. Highly recommended.”
- Sean Fahey, CEO at VidCruiter

More time for what matters most

Understand what meaningful work looks like

Team-level Productivity Reports give you a baseline measurement of your team’s attention you can build off.

Identify inefficient processes and time-wasters

The Key Tools Reports help you understand where your team’s energy is going and optimize their day for high-impact work.

Set goals for meaningful work

Track progress and see continual improvement by setting RescueTime Goals around meaningful work.

Protect your team’s ability to focus

FocusTime distraction blocking and Productivity Pulse Reports give your team the data and tools they need to stay focused.

Build better digital habits

Custom Work Hours Reports and real-time Alerts help your team build better habits and get more done without resorting to long hours.

Designed for privacy and trust

Your team has full control over what gets tracked and what managers see so you can help them maximize their time without invading their privacy.

How did we end up with more meetings, more emails, and more “urgent” tasks, but less time for the work that matters most?

Your team is your greatest resource. Yet studies show that most employees get just 1 hour and 12 minutes of focused time a day!

Multitasking, distractions, context switching, communication overload, and inefficient processes scatter your team’s attention and take away time for meaningful work. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

RescueTime gives you the tools and data you need to empower your team to continually improve their focus and productivity, identify and remove time-wasting processes, and optimize their daily schedules. All without invading their privacy or using one of those “creepy” employee monitoring tools.

Plans for Teams of All Sizes

All plans come with a 30-day free trial

Startups & SMBs

All users get RescueTime Premium features, plus powerful team-wide insights:

  • Team-level productivity reports
  • Key tools reports
  • Uncover inefficient processes
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Trends
  • Total employee privacy


For larger organizations, RescueTime can be deployed with support for multiple teams, managed installation, team administrators, and better support for internal tools.

What makes RescueTime different from other team productivity tools?


RescueTime is used by employees from Fortune 500 companies, major universities, and government agencies to identify the patterns and processes that get in the way of doing meaningful work and optimize their days to be more focused, productive, and motivated.


RescueTime for Organizations is an employee-first team productivity tool. This means your employees own their data and choose what gets tracked and when. RescueTime will never share data without your consent (unless legally compelled to do so).


RescueTime uses the most rigorous security standards (the same technology as online banks). Security and privacy are our business. Our customers, from individuals to Fortune 500 companies, demand the best and we make sure to deliver.


We’re here for you around the clock. Large organization? Specific data on purpose? Our support team is here to help customize your experience and set up RescueTime for your unique needs.
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