Set your team on a path to more meaningful work.

RescueTime for Organizations helps your team understand their time and focus on work that really matters.

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RescueTime gives you an accurate picture of your time and helps your team stay focused and productive, with minimal effort.

Alerts examples

The RescueTime app works in the background to effortlessly build a record of work activities.

Email rescue

A weekly email report keeps team members up to date on how they are spending time.

Personal dash

With a database of nearly a million categorized activities, you get valuable rollups right away.

A Productivity Tool For Modern Teams

RescueTime for Organizations takes and employee-first approach to productivity. Group reports focus on the combined pulse of the entire team, specifically focusing on high-impact activities. Individuals get private, detailed reports about their own time, as well as powerful tools to make positive, self-directed changes.

Desktop mo

RescueTime gives employees an accurate picture of their time at work and helps them prioritize the most meaningful activities.

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