How it Works

RescueTime for Organizations makes it easy to prioritize work on the most meaningful activities.

Detailed reports

Employees have a complete view of their time working with different applications and websites. Each week, they receive an email summary of their time.

Personal dashboard

Productivity Pulse

All activities are scored and ranked. At-a-glance benchmarks make it easy to spot changes that need a closer look.

Dashboard time by day with labels

Goals and Real-time notifications

Team members can track their progress towards more meaningful work over time. They will receive alerts along the way keeping them informed.

Dashboard goal detail

Distraction Management

Employees have self-directed tools they can use to quiet distractions and find focus. They can set limits on distracting time, and block distracting websites.

Focus time ui

Privacy features

Employees have full control and privacy with their detailed reports. Only group-wide totals are shared, unless the employee chooses otherwise.

Delete activity detail

Group Reports For The Whole Team

RescueTime for Organizations gives the entire team a rollup view of how they collectively spend time. This helps managers think about the big picture of their team’s productivity, and helps individuals understand their contribution to the group’s overall progress.

Daily Patterns

Daily patterns

Team-wide patterns throughout the day help the team visualize their patterns and understand their work habits.

Focus on Impactful Work

Personal categories report

The most meaningful efforts often gets crowded by ‘urgent but not important’ day-to-day work. RescueTime helps your team think about how their attention maps to company goals that best utilize their talents.

Personal Comparisons

Contributions report

Team members can see how their time contributes to the totals for the entire group. Seeing how they relate to group averages is powerful context for optimizing their time.


Effortless awareness of your team’s time.

RescueTime works on it’s own, building a record of work activities as they happen throughout the day. Team members have control over which activities are logged, but do not need to manually enter anything. This means your team gets a very accurate picture of their time and attention.

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