RescueTime for Organizations

RescueTime’s personal time-management tools have helped over a million people understand their time and manage their attention.
RescueTime helps your organization be productive and happy.

A Different Approach To Time Management That Puts Team Members First

At it’s core, RescueTime has always been great at helping individuals become experts at managing their time. We think giving people the right information to make good choices is a smart way for an organization to nurture productive and engaged employees.

We’re not fans of traditional employee monitoring that makes employees wonder if their manager is snooping on their every move. It doesn’t promote trust and it doesn’t encourage creative solutions to the problems knowledge workers face on a daily basis.

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Powerful Personal Productivity Tools

RescueTime’s individual productivity suite features private time reports, real-time alerts, distraction management and other tools for staying focused during the work day. Team members will learn how their time is really spent, and set achievable goals that they can track over time.

Automatic Time Logging and Reports

The RescueTime desktop application runs in the background, collecting information about the time spent in different applications and websites. Each week, members receive a personalized summary report about how they spent their time, and get detailed reports breaking down their time by individual activity, category, or self-defined productivity score.

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Goals and Notifications

Team members can set goals and track their progress for particular activities, categories, or productivity levels. They can also get real-time alerts, which are great for staying aware of time and working towards positive changes.

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FocusTime - Block Distractions For Better Focus

It takes up to 15 minutes to regain focus after an interruption, yet in many offices people don't go more than six minutes without getting pulled into an email, group chat, or other distraction. FocusTime helps team members maintain focus by blocking distractions during times that they want to focus.

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Highlights - Daily Logs of Personal Accomplishments

Highlights are manually entered accomplishments throughout the day. You can set up intelligent prompts to enter highlights at approriate times, or by automatically logging directly from the other systems with an integration. Think of it as a ‘done’ list that's extremely useful for planning, status reports, and performance reviews.

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Privacy Controls

Individuals have full control over time logged in RescueTime. They can choose to only log time during a certain schedule if they wish (e.g. during working hours), or they can choose to turn off logging for applications they’d rather not track.

RescueTime only records data about the time spent in different applications and websites. It does not (and won’t ever) record keystrokes, take screenshots, or inspect the contents of documents that are being worked on.

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Group Reports For The Whole Team

RescueTime For Organizations gives your entire team an aggregated view of how they collectively spend time. This helps managers think about the big picture of their team’s productivity, and helps individuals understand their contributions to the group’s overall progress.

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Top Categories and Patterns

Most teams use a lot of different tools, and it can be difficult to make sense of them all. The group reports in RescueTime for Organizations aggregate activities as categories, which reduces noise and gives a understandable view of how your team is spending time.

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Key Tools

There are certain activities that deserve a closer look than the normal category view. For the specific applications that are important, your team can enable group reporting and get a good view of how they are being used. This is especially useful for applications that are crucial to a specific workflow. For example, a customer support team may want to see details about the time team members spent managing their support queues.

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Exportable Reports / API

Your team's time is a valuable resource, and you should be able to position it alongside other key performance indicators to make good strategic decisions. All data from the group reports can be downloaded in .csv format and there is a growing list of integrations that let you use your team’s time data in other applications.

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No Manager-only, Big Brother View

RescueTime for Organizations has no “manager view”, and group reports are viewable by all members of the organization, so it’s very clear what data is being shared and how. The group reports show how the team is functioning as a whole, and are available to all members. All time data is aggregated, so no individual details are shown to anyone but the user who recorded it.

Here are some cases that RescueTime for organizations is great for:

A few team members already use RescueTime and want their company to pay for it.

If people on your team are already using RescueTime’s individual version, you can reward their initative by paying for their RescueTime premium subscriptions. Billing is centralized, so you will only receive a single bill for all members each cycle (you can pay monthly or annually).

RescueTime users tend to be very thoughtful about their time, and are likely top performers in your organization. You can encourage others to follow their lead by making RescueTime available to the entire group.

A team that wants to understand the time they spend on important activities

Time management becomes easier when people have context about what is normal within their group. It’s motivating to see the cumulative totals in productive time (for example, a team of 10 software developers could easily spend over 1,000 hours a month writing code). It’s also useful for individuals to understand their own contributions to the group totals.

A team that wants to optimize their activities around naturally occurring patterns in their time.

If you knew that everyone on your team got really focused on their most productive activities between the hours of 10am-noon, would you ever schedule a meeting during that time? Neither would we. Having a good understanding of the patterns within your group helps you make better strategic decisions.

A larger organization that wants to understand aggregate resource usage of important applications.

Most large companies spend a lot of money on software, either through licenses or investing in custom development of internal tools. It’s not always clear if those tools get used enough to justify the cost. Having accurate data about the time usage for your important resources is crucial for planning and budgeting.