Changes impacting RescueTime for teams and organizations

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We’ve recently made major changes to how RescueTime works in a group environment. The old RescueTime Team Edition (which you were probably looking for when you came here) has been retired and is no longer accepting new signups.

We have a new product for groups called RescueTime for Organizations.

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What happened to RescueTime Team Edition?

RescueTime Team Edition, which was our original time management tool for teams, has been retired and replaced by our new product, RescueTime for Organizations.

Is anything happening to the Individual version of RescueTime?

No. The solo version of RescueTime is not impacted by this change. In fact, RescueTime for Organizations is based on the individual version of RescueTime, and includes many features that were not available in RescueTime Team Edition.

What is RescueTime for Organizations?

RescueTime for Organizations is a new product that helps people who work together stay informed, engaged, and productive. It includes all of the personal productivity tools of RescueTime Premium and organization-wide reports that reveal valuable trends across the group.

How is RescueTime for Organizations different than RescueTime Team Edition?

RescueTime for Organizations is focused on employee engagement. It gives group members the tools to understand and improve how they spend their time, track progress and accomplishments, and block out distractions for better focus. There are also group-wide reports that give an overview of how the entire organization is spending it’s time in different categories and key activities that move the business forward.

Important to be aware of as a RescueTime Team Edition customer: RescueTime for Organizations does not give a manager the ability to view time logged for specific individuals. Individuals have a private record of their time, and all group reports use aggregated, anonymized rollups.