Empower your team

Improve your team’s productivity.

RescueTime makes it easy for team members to understand how they are spending their time and includes a customizable set of tools to manage distractions. Team members become better at managing themselves while increasing productivity for the whole team.

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Plans start at $15 per user.

All plans include a 14-day free trial.

Do your team members really know how they are spending their days at work?

Meetings and email are notorious time sinks. RescueTime makes it easy to understand where time is being spent to help your team members become more productive.

Give your team the right tools to manage distractions and stay on target.

Team members can block distractions like email and Facebook for a period of time to help them stay focused.

Team dashboard

Administration Dashboard

The Team dashboard provides a high-level view of how productive your team is and how they are spending their time. It gives you valuable information to help optimize your team’s performance and increase productivity.

Additional benefits for you and your team

Managers should spend less time managing team members and more time moving their business forward. As a manager you get a high level view of how productive your team is and where they are spending their time.

Efficiency summary

Is your team of software developers spending most of their time, you know, developing software…or are they spending 30% of their time on email?

RescueTime provides critical insight into areas where team members are unknowingly wasting time. It helps team members self correct this behavior or have a conversation with their manager to alleviate unproductive tasks.

In depth reports show actionable insight such as when your team is at its peak efficiency so you will never schedule meetings during this time again.

Create goals to motivate team members: Spend less than 1 hour per day on email; achieve at least 5 hours of productive time per day.

RescueTime users regularly report productivity increases of 10% or greater. Imagine what that could do to improve your team's productivity.

How Does RescueTime Work?

RescueTime uses a lightweight application to securely and unobtrusively gather data about which applications, websites, and documents team members use. RescueTime then crunches that data into interesting and actionable reports, presented in a web-based dashboard and in a weekly email.

Getting your team set up with RescueTime is as easy as sending an invite email.


Easy for Managers

The account settings console makes it easy to customize RescueTime to meet your needs. It provides functionality to easily manage your account, add new users, create groups, and customize productivity scores.