2019 Cedric chee's Year In Review

Total Hours Logged
Longest Day: Wed, Jan 9 - 26h 3m
Productive Hours
Longest Day: Mon, Oct 21 - 15h 38m
Distracting Hours
Longest Day: Mon, Jul 22 - 5h 17m

June was Cedric Chee's most productive month with an average Productivity Pulse of 80. Cedric chee's lowest average productivity pulse was in August.

Productivity Pulse

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Cedric chee logged time on 361 days this year.
Here’s how productive they were.

Cedric chee's #1 category in 2019 was
Software Development
It made up 39% of Cedric Chee's total time.

Cedric chee's Top Activities


Software Development

1313h 57m • 39% of all time



590h 11m • 18% of all time



334h 55m • 10% of all time



281h 11m • 8% of all time



234h 35m • 7% of all time

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