Use RescueTime with Slack

Avoid unnecessary interruptions by giving your team more visibility into what you’re working on. RescueTime for Slack automatically updates your status based on what you’re currently working on so your teammates can be more conscious of your focus.

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What you can do with Slack + RescueTime

Update your Slack status with your current work category

RescueTime can keep your Slack status updated so your co-workers know what you’re focused on. You choose which categories you’d like to broadcast, and RescueTime will update your status when it detects that you are focused on those activities.

  • Choose the categories you’d like your teammates on Slack to see (for example, writing, email, designing…)
  • Only categories that you specify will be used to set your status
  • Set custom status messages and emojis to personalize how you feel about that activity
  • Select whether or not you want RescueTime to enable Do-Not-Disturb mode in Slack when you’re focused on those activities
  • RescueTime only updates your status during your work hours

Block notifications during your Focus Session sessions

RescueTime can make it easy to stay in the zone by setting your presence to “away” during a Focus Session session. This mutes incoming notifications until you are ready for them.

Permissions for this integration


When you connect RescueTime to Slack, you will be asked to grant the following permissions

Confirm your identity

This is a required permission for all Slack apps

Access and modify your profile and your workspace’s profile fields

RescueTime will manage your status when you are focused on important activities.

Modify your Do Not Disturb settings

If you choose, RescueTime will manage your Do Not Disturb settings when you are focused on important activities.


Permissions for this integration


We’ve made some changes to the Slack permissions that RescueTime needs to function correctly.

To continue using this integration, please re-authorize your Slack account and accept the new permissions.