Use RescueTime with Visual Studio Code

The RescueTime for VS Code extension makes it easy to stay aware of your software development time without leaving your editor. As you work, you will see a total of your daily software development time and a gauge of how focused you currently are on coding.

What you can do with Visual Studio Code + RescueTime

See your daily coding time

Each day, RescueTime will keep track of the time you spend working on software development. Note that this is not just time spent in your editor, but also time spent in related tools or other IDEs, documentation sites like Stack Overflow and GitHub, and test environments like localhost. As you log time, you will see the total in your status bar.

See your current focus level (premium only)

In addition to your daily total, RescueTime can keep track of your current focus level. This can help you see when you are getting distracted by other activities.