Use RescueTime with Outlook / Office 365 Calendar

The RescueTime Outlook / Office 365 Calendar integration makes it easy to reflect on how you are spending your time, right within your calendar. Each day, a summary of your logged time will be posted to your calendar. Even better, your Timesheets timeline will show your daily meetings.

What you can do with Outlook / Office 365 Calendar + RescueTime

See daily summaries of your logged time, right in your calendar

RescueTime will create a new calendar that will contain daily summaries about your time. Each day, an new summary is created showing details of your logged time in RescueTime and the time blocked off on your calendar.


  • Quickly see the total time you logged each day, right in your calendar
  • Get a rollup of the total time in meetings
  • Get a summary of your daily goals in RescueTime
  • Premium: See your meetings on your Timesheets timeline
  • Premium: Schedule distraction-free Focus Sessions
  • Premium: Roll up meeting time across multiple calendars

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Permissions for this integration


When you connect RescueTime to Office 365, you will be asked to grant the following permissions

See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Outlook / Office 365

This permission is necessary to create the dedicated RescueTime calendar that summaries will be posted to. RescueTime will not add, edit or delete anything from your existing calendars.