Get More Done
(Without Working More)

RescueTime’s powerful time tracking and distraction blocking software gives you the tools and data to become your most productive self.

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Understand your time in a way you never have before

Automatic Time Tracking (No Manual Entry)

RescueTime automatically tracks the time you spend on apps, websites, and even specific documents and projects. You’ll get detailed reports on exactly where your time goes and what’s getting in the way of your productivity.

Custom Work Hours & Burnout Protection

Dig into your working and non-working hours and set up Alerts to let you know when you’re working too much on evenings and weekends and at risk of burnout.

1-Click Offline Time Tracking (Meetings, Calls, etc…)

Not everything happens online. RescueTime automatically prompts you to one-click add Offline Time when you’ve been away so you have a full picture of your day.

Improve your productivity and reclaim your focus

Block distracting websites. Supercharge your focus.

RescueTime blocks distracting websites when you need to focus. Start a manual FocusTime session (great for Pomodoros!) set daily limits or schedule focused time directly in your calendar.

Integrate with your favorite apps (Calendar, Slack, and hundreds more)

Upgrade your favorite apps with RescueTime’s time tracking data. Track your productivity right from your calendar, automatically update your Slack status, and more!

Set smart goals and real-time alerts. Actively build better habits.

Set Goals for how you want to spend your time–whether that means less time on email or more time writing, designing, or coding software–and get real-time feedback on your progress.