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Clay johnson

Clay Johnson

Author : The Information Diet

As seen in Lifehacker :

How to Start Your Information Diet

Matt everson

Matt Everson

Founder and Principle :

As seen in Inc Magazine :

A Tool to Boost Personal Productivity

David reeves

David Reeves

Director of Product : Limeade | @dreeves

Dan mcgaw

Dan McGaw

Director of Marketing :

Maggie melchior

Maggie Melchior

Aline dizik

Alina Dizik

Writer :

As seen in The Wall Street Journal :

Services to Help Us Stop Dawdling Online

Buster benson new

Buster Benson

Product Manager - Analytics : Twitter

Drew moxon

Drew Moxon

Behavioral Designer : @moxon

Domenico prattichizzo

Domenico Prattichizzo

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