Block distractions.
Supercharge your focus.

RescueTime blocks social media, YouTube, news (and anything else) from taking over your attention.

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Most apps steal your attention.
RescueTime gives it back.

Whether you’re trying to move up at work, ace an exam, or learn a new skill, focus is a superpower. RescueTime gives you the power to turn off your worst distractions so you can focus on what matters most to you.

“Until I began using RescueTime, I had no idea just how bad my social media overuse was. Since I’ve been using it, I’ve gone from hours of social media use per day to about a half hour.”

Colleen Doran, award-winning coming book artist and writer

RescueTime blocks distracting websites when you need it most

Start blocking
distractions in a flash

Say sayonara to mindless scrolling. Turn on RescueTime and start blocking distracting websites in a second. (Great for Pomodoros!)

Set time limits on apps
and websites

Other website blockers rely on your willpower to manually start them. RescueTime automatically sees when you’re distracted and starts blocking.

Schedule RescueTime sessions for deep work or studying

Protect your most productive hours. Add #focustime to any Calendar event and we’ll automatically block distractions for the duration.

Customize what gets blocked

You know what distracts you most. Customize your block list, whitelist certain sites (or even specific pages!) and take control over your focus.

Go deep with in-depth
distraction reports

Uncover distractions you didn’t even know about. RescueTime’s in-depth reports make you more aware of the distractions that take away your time.

Phone calls? Slack messages? RescueTime has you covered.

Social media and websites aren’t the only distractions. RescueTime can automatically put your Android phone and Slack account in Do-Not-Disturb mode so you’re truly focused.

RescueTime users win back 2+ hours a day.
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RescueTime’s distraction blocker is included as a part of a RescueTime Premium membership. Sign up for a free 14-day trial and start taking back control of your focus and attention today.

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