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RescueTime’s proven productivity training and award-winning tools help you build better habits, master your schedule, and take control of your time.

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Kickstart your productivity with our 4-week training program. In just a few hours a week, we’ll teach you where your time goes and how you can save 2–3 hours every single day.

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and motivated

RescueTime’s automatic time tracking and distraction blocking software give you the tools and data you need to build better habits and stay accountable to your new productivity goals.

Go from busy to productive in under a month

  • Week 1: Understand your time

    You’ll learn how to use RescueTime’s data and reports to get in-depth insights on how you can become more productive.

  • Week 2: Optimize your days

    We’ll use your own productivity trends and reports to create a custom daily schedule that gives you more focus, attention, and time for what really matters.

  • Week 3: Build powerful habits

    Learn the science of building good workplace habits and put your productivity on autopilot with custom goals and real-time alerts to keep you on track.

  • Week 4: Banish distractions

    Protect your new-found productivity with FocusTime—our intelligent distraction blocker that lets you “turn off” distractions like social media, news, and entertainment.

  • Week 5 – 52: Keep improving

    RescueTime keeps you accountable to your goals and continually improving with weekly reports on your progress, goals, and how you’re spending your time.

RescueTime is the only productivity training powered by your personal data

It all starts with our proven productivity program. 16 in-depth video lessons take you from busy to productive.

Automatic time tracking and distraction blocking. Our award-winning tools tell you exactly where your time is going.

Real data = real results. Stay committed and constantly improving with personalized data and productivity report cards.

Ongoing support.
Millions of people from top CEOs to best-selling authors use RescueTime to master their time.

“You’ll discover things about yourself that will make you wonder how you ever got any work done without RescueTime.”

Alexis Ohanian, Founder of Reddit

Here’s what you get with RescueTime

Automatic Time Tracking

RescueTime shows you exactly how you spend your time with no manual entry required.

Custom Daily Schedule

Save up to 2–3 hours a day with a daily schedule based on your personal productivity data and trends.

Productivity Training

Master the fundamentals of productivity in just 4 weeks of tightly focused lessons and hands-on exercises.

Real-Time Feedback

Set daily goals and get real-time feedback to help stay on track when you get interrupted or distracted.

Distraction Blocking

“Turn off” your biggest distractions like social media, news, and entertainment when you need to focus.

Integrations With Your Other Tools

RescueTime connects with your calendar, Slack, and other apps to help maximize your productivity.


Who is RescueTime for?

RescueTime is for anyone who feels busy, overwhelmed, and like you never have enough time for the work and projects that matter to you. Over the past decade, millions of people have used RescueTime to be more productive including top CEOs, artists, managers, students, and more.

Is RescueTime a course or a tool?

Both! RescueTime includes productivity training as well as full access to our award-winning suite of time management tools. We believe that courses and education work best when you get real-time feedback and reports on your progress.

Can I go through the RescueTime challenge at my own pace?

Yes (but it’s not the best way to do it). RescueTime was designed for busy people who want results now and so the course is designed to be done on a weekly basis. However, you’ll have access to the lessons as long as you’re subscribed. You can expect to spend around 1-1.5 hours a week to get the most out of it.

How long do I get access to RescueTime’s tools?

Enrolling in RescueTime gives you one year of RescueTime’s premium tools, along with access to our four-week long productivity course. At the end of the year, we’ll let you know when you can renew to continue using the full set of premium tools.

Does anyone get access to my personal data?

Only you have access to your personal data. We strongly believe in data privacy and control, and you can delete your data at any time, whether that’s all of it or just a slice.
RescueTime also never sells nor does anything with your data that would put your privacy at risk.

Time is your most valuable resource. Give yourself more of it with RescueTime.

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