More time for what matters most

Get more out of your daily 24 hours with RescueTime.

Automatic time, website, and app tracking (No manual entry required)

RescueTime tracks exactly how you spend your time on your digital devices. Everything you do is automatically categorized so you can quickly see the time you spend on specific apps, websites, and projects and gauge your daily productivity.

Goals, real-time alerts, and weekly email summary

Set RescueTime Goals for how you want to spend your time—whether that means less time on social media or writing for 2 hours a day—and then track your progress with Alerts and our weekly summary email.

FocusTime distraction blocker

FocusTime blocks distracting websites when you need it most. Set a focused session for first thing in the morning to start the day off right or block sites automatically when you’re distracted.

Customizable work hours and in-depth reports

Set custom work hours to separate your working and non-working hours, optimize your most productive time, protect yourself from burnout, and get alerted when you’re doing too much work outside of work.

Guided workday habits coaching

RescueTime helps coach you through your biggest workday issues, whether that means rebuilding your focus, cutting down on multitasking, or reducing your time spent on email, chat, and your phone.

Offline time tracking and daily highlights

RescueTime works for your non-digital time as well. Offline Time automatically prompts you to enter meetings, calls, and other non-device activities, while Highlights help track your time spent on specific projects.

Additional Benefits

Unlimited historical data (Lite users can only see 3 months)

Productivity Pulse to quickly see how focused you are today

Integrations for your favorite apps to be even more productive

Total control over what apps and sites get tracked and when

Works across MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS

Team-level insights to make your company more productive

Why choose RescueTime?

RescueTime takes the guesswork out of how you spend your days so you can rebuild your focus and spend more time on what matters most to you.

Where you’re spending your time across all your devices
What apps and websites are most distracting
How much time you spend in meetings, answering emails, and on social media
When you’re most (and least) productive each day
How your smartphone usage impacts your ability to do meaningful work
Optimize your
Daily schedule for deep work and productivity
Focus to get more done in less time and fight burnout
Work Hours to follow your natural high and lows of energy
Digital habits to stop multitasking and hit your long-term goals
Feedback loop to see progress, boost motivation, and make real changes to how you work
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