Jobs at RescueTime - Ruby on Rails Engineer - (Full Time)

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Lots of job postings at tech companies talk about how they’re changing the way people work. At RescueTime, we really mean it. We help people understand how they work and make changes so they can spend their time in a way that supports their goals and aspirations.

We’re looking for a Rails Engineer with UI/UX Skill

We're looking for an experienced Rails engineer to join our team and help us deliver on new ideas. Rails is the platform we depend on to drive the bulk of our user facing experience, and we see an opportunity to add new dimensions to how people learn about and manage their time through our platform, with your help in delivering new features.

The goal for this role is to focus on RescueTime data interpretation, representation, and delivery – to take resources in play in our system and extract insightful views and thoughtful guidance for the user to learn from and make decisions with. Being comfortable with user interface work including data visualization in D3.js while linking up with complex ActiveRecord / Arel interactions will be central to this role. You will also be implementing business logic and output that interprets analysis of time data to deliver feedback events, which include notifications, email, and other ways to engage users.

Who is a good fit for this position?

If you've worked in high energy small group dev teams, you'll be ready for the vibe. It will help if you've dealt with systems that involve some kind of remote agent and public API. Having played with some number crunching and turning out infographics or similar output for popular consumption would be a leg up. A good match enjoys being part of the product future debate, with skills to implement working examples in experiments. We've got a polyglot system with Ruby, Python, and all the languages to support our native clients, so some secondary coding skills are a plus but not required.


  • Product contribution and thought leadership in the Rails project portion of RescueTime
  • Prototyping working designs to sandbox new feature ideas
  • Learning and participatng as needed in the platform layer of data analysis and retrieval
  • Helping maintain up-to-dateness and security in the Rails project

You’ll do great if you have...

  • Significant UI/UX experience in Rails
  • Experience with data visualization and reporting in Rails: D3.js, SVG, similar
  • Some skill with SQL to be able to experiment with data and troubleshoot issues
  • Jumped into to mature Rails deployments and helped advance them forward
  • Excitement for data-driven personal development
  • The ability to work independently as a member of a distributed team (we do meet up IRL regularly too!)

Bonus if you are already familiar with RescueTime. If not, that’s ok. We’ll help you get up to speed.

Benefits of working with RescueTime

  • Excellent health, dental, and vision insurance - we pay all premiums!
  • 401k
  • Location flexibility
  • A small team with the opportunity to make BIG differences

Some things to know about RescueTime

  • We’re a remote team spread out all over the United States. We do most of our communication over Slack, Zoom, and Google Hangouts.
  • We think solving the hard problems around meaningful work takes all sorts of perspectives and viewpoints. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences and abilities.
  • We have been around since 2008 and have had over 1.6 million users (gaining hundreds every day!)
  • We’re a brand that’s well known in the productivity and time management space.
  • We have some fantastic investors and advisors.

RescueTime is a fully distributed company

We don’t have a central office. We are currently mostly spread out across the USA, with concentrations in Atlanta and Nashville. Being a remote team works really well for us as a business because we get to hire really good people without being constrained by location. For team members, it’s great because it gives them flexibility to work where they like, and structure their days in a way that works for them. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about how you work, though. Quite the opposite, it’s something we think about a lot, and will probably ask you about extensively during the interview process.

You should be able to work well in a distributed / remote environment, and be able to manage your time effectively. We encourage employees to figure out a workspace and schedule that is productive and enjoyable. Several of our team members work from home. Others work from co-working spaces, and some are in co-working spaces with multiple members of the team.

Working remotely is great, but it does require a few things to be done effectively. All employees need a reliable, fast internet connection, a space where they can frequently participate in video calls, and the flexibility to travel from time to time for team gatherings.

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team

We think solving the hard problems around meaningful work takes all sorts of perspectives and viewpoints. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences and abilities.

How to apply

Send an email to

Please include any information you think is relevant to this position. If you have a resume, great! We’d love to see it. If you don’t, let us know about you and your background. Please tell us why you think you’d be a good fit for Engineering at RescueTime. We’ll reply back as soon as we can!