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RescueTime (Automated Time Tracking Software)

Getting the most out of RescueTime Pro

Here are some of the things you, as a writer, can do to get the most out of RescueTime Pro.

Block distracting websites

When you're trying to work on something for a sustained block of time, it's WAY too easy to get drawn away by distractions. It's hard to fight that impulse to just take a quick breather and check social media sites, your favorite blogs, or your favorite site dedicated to cute animals. With RescueTime, you can temporarily turn off the distracting websites you visit so you can stay focused on writing.

note: At first, RescueTime won't have enough information to block any sites, but within a day (a few hours, even) it will start being effective. RescueTime gets smarter the longer you use it.

Set up a writing schedule

Want to block out some dedicated time for writing? We can help make sure you stick to it. You can define a specific schedule in RescueTime, then set up alerts to let you know when you're getting off track during your writing time. You can also use the schedule to 'zoom-in' any of our reports to look at just those times in more detail. You'll even be able to compare your productivity during those times to the rest of the day.

Writing schedule

Create a productivity alert

Since RescueTime understands your time down to the minute, it can let you know, in real-time, when you've spent more than a specific amount of time on an activity. You can give yourself a pat on the back when you spend more than a few hours writing per day. Or, you can give yourself a reminder to get back to work if you've spent too much time on distractions.

Writing alert

Install the browser plugin

To get an immediate look at how your day is shaping up, install the RescueTime browser plugin. This will give you a quick-glance look at your productivity score for the day, as well as how much time you've spent on the current website. It's a great way to say informed without coming back to the website.

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Chrome ui

Keep track of time away from the computer

Spend time away from the computer? Brainstorming, sketching, etc? You can log your offline time in two ways with RescueTime. You can use our automatic offline time popup, which will appear after you've been away from your keyboard for a while. Or, if you'd rather, you can enter offline time though our website. Offline time can be categorized and ranked just like any other activity.

You may also want to check out what you'll get from your weekly summary emails, and the other ways we offer to visualize your time.

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