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If you are coming back to us (welcome!), or learned about us in the media, welcome to the new RescueTime...

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Understand your time.

The new RescueTime presents data specifically about your workday, focusing on information that will offer insight on how to improve your work habits.

Be more Focused.(and more productive because of it).

Improving your ability to focus lets you do more in less time, but busy schedules still limit your time for deep work. Focus zone alerts and Focus Sessions help you make the most of the time you have.

Achieve balance.

A balance report lets you know how well you’re keeping work in its proper place. Balance alerts warn you when you’re in danger of burnout and remind you to take breaks.

Unsure? Choose this.

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Try RescueTime Classic

(the old RescueTime)

Know where your time goes.

RescueTime Classic provides in-depth reports focused on timestamps, overwhelming amounts of data, and to the minute activity details.

Be more productive.

Tools like the Productivity Pulse and activity reports show how your productive computer time stacks up against activities you’ve designated as unproductive.

Limit unproductive activities.

Goals and alerts let you know you’ve spent too much or too little time on specific activities, and you can customize your alert message to encourage breaks.

Try RescueTime Classic

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