Challenge yourself to take back control of your time

The RescueTime Productivity Challenge is the ultimate productivity training system for anyone who wants to transform their days from overwhelming and busy to under control and truly productive in just 1 month.

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The good news: You have more time than you think.
The bad news: The modern world is really, really good at taking it away.

Technology and changes to workplace culture have fragmented our days. Instead of long periods of time to focus on our most important work we end up spending all day jumping between tasks, to-dos, emails, meetings, calls, and distractions.

Instead of being productive, we’re just busy. And it’s making us stressed, frustrated, and burnt out.

But you don’t have to feel this way.

With a few small changes to your daily habits and routines, you can take back control of your day, save hours of wasted time, and rebuild your focus and attention.

The RescueTime Productivity Challenge is the antidote to your fractured days.

Over the next 4 weeks, you’ll learn how to:

  • Discover where your time actually goes each day
  • Optimize your daily schedule using personal data to spend more time on focused work
  • Build powerful workplace habits and workflows that rebuild your focus
  • Banish distractions, overcome procrastination, and feel motivated every day

This challenge is more than just another high-level, content-only course.
It’s a powerful solution that uses personal data to maximize productivity.

If you want to lose weight you track your eating. If you want to save money you track your spending. If you want to be more productive you track your time.

We created The RescueTime Productivity Challenge specifically to take advantage of RescueTime’s award-winning time management and productivity toolset.

Over the past decade, millions of people have used RescueTime to understand how they spend their time and find ways to be more productive. Our tools have been featured in The New York Times, Wired, and Fast Company, and used by researchers at MIT, Cornell, Stanford, and more.

Each week, you’ll receive step-by-step instructions on how to use RescueTime to put your lessons to practice, track your progress, and use personal data to track your time, block distractions, stay accountable to your goals, and make real progress towards becoming more productive.

After one month, you'll walk away with:

  • A customized daily schedule based on your peak productive hours
  • Actual data on where your time goes each day and how to make sure you’re not working against your goals
  • A powerful morning and wind-down routine to help you stay energized and motivated
  • Real-time alerts and nudges to maintain your productivity throughout the day
  • In-depth data on your personal productivity curve, biggest distractions, and places for continued improvement

Thoughtfully crafted to take you from busy to productive in just over a month

The RescueTime Productivity Challenge is designed for the busy professional who needs results now.

Each weekly lesson pairs scientifically proven theories with practical strategies, personalized data and reports, and tools to actively change your habits and see real progress.

In just 10–20-minutes a week, you’ll completely transform the way you work and save hours of time.

The course includes:

  • 16 high-quality video lessons, broken up into 4 tightly focused weekly themes. Our easy-to-follow formula takes you from chaotic days to feeling confident and under control.
  • Access to all of RescueTime’s acclaimed time management features for the duration of the course. Block distractions. Set Goals & Alerts. Track how you spend your time. And discover powerful trends and insights on how you’re (actually) spending your time during the workday.
  • Practical exercises, worksheets, and step-by-step instructions. Video transcriptions and bonus materials give you everything you need to hit your productivity goals.
  • Custom reports based on your actual data and progress. You’ll finish the course with a customized report showing you exactly how your habits and productivity have improved.
  • Unlimited access to all course materials (forever).
  • Set-up assistance from RescueTime’s acclaimed customer support team.

Take a peek inside The Productivity Challenge

The course is structured on a weekly basis to allow time to gather data and insights for later lessons.
However, once a lesson is live you have access to it forever and can complete it at your own pace.


Welcome to the course

Start your time audit

Learn how to utilize personal data and set up RescueTime

Week 1: Understand where your time goes

The 3 cognitive biases that are killing your productivity

Finishing your time audit

Creating an action plan and staying accountable to your new goals

Week 2: Optimize your daily schedule with data

Find your most productive hours each day

Time blocking: How to build your optimal daily schedule

How to prioritize and protect time for deep work

Week 3: Build better workday habits

The 3-step process for building any habit

Keystone habit 1: Master your morning routine

Keystone habit 2: Reducing multitasking & context switching

Keystone habit 3: Create a wind-down ritual and recover from the day

Week 4: Take control of distractions

Internal vs. external distractions (and how to get rid of them)

Master your email and communication time

How to remove external distractions from your work environment

Wrap-up and bonus materials

Custom report based on your real results over the past month

Who is The Productivity Challenge for?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for being productive.

This course is for you if you:

  • Feel like you’re not in control of your time each day
  • Miss time with friends and family in the evenings and weekends because you always feel the need to “catch up”
  • Feel like no matter how hard you try to stay focused during the workday you’re constantly being distracted
  • Want more time to work on your most meaningful tasks—not just emails, chats, and meetings

Time is your most valuable resource.
Take back control of it with The RescueTime Productivity Challenge.

Registration is now closed.

Please stay tuned for announcements about future courses.