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Block out distractions so you can focus

Do you ever wish you could just turn off the distracting parts of the Internet? Now you can. Decide a time period to get focused for and let RescueTime keep distractions away while you work.

It's simple. RescueTime will take the websites that you've marked as "very distracting" and use that as your block list. The more time you log, the smarter the list gets.

It's there when you need it. A FocusTime session can be enabled manually, or you can set specific times to focus using a RescueTime alert.

Who uses it? Site blocking is used by writers, software developers, and anyone else who benefits from long blocks of uninterrupted focus.

RescueTime alerts are your personal productivity assistant

You can set up alerts to let you know when you’ve spent a certain amount of time on particular activities. That may be time spent in a specific application (2 hours in Microsoft Word), a website (45 minutes on Facebook), or a group of activities (3 hours on Software Development). They are a great way to give yourself lightweight nudges throughout the day, and have been proven to help people stay motivated and on track.

More than just notifications. You can attach custom messages, start a focus session, or automatically open a url of your choosing (say, your to-do list for example).

Want more actions? You can now use your RescueTime Alerts to automate your favorite web applications, thanks to our integration with

Log your daily accomplishments

Taking a moment to acknowledge the things you got done is a great way to stay motivated and see how your efforts have been paying off. You will feel good about the work you’re completing, and you will never again get caught flat-footed when your boss asks you what you’ve been working on.

RescueTime makes it easy to keep a record of the work you're doing. You can set up intelligent prompts to enter highlights at approriate times, or by automatically logging directly from the other systems you use to get work done. Status reporting has never been easier!

Pro-tip You can create an alert to automatically open the daily highlights page at the end of the day. That way, you will never forget to log what you have done. See an example.

Keep track of your time away from the computer

Some parts of your day aren’t easily logged automatically. You can manually log time in meetings, phone calls, even your morning commute. All of this time can be categorized and ranked just like your on-line activities so you can see a richer view of your day.

Who uses it? People who spend a lot of time in meetings, on phone calls, or have tasks that take them away from the computer.

Get more powerful reports to learn about your time in new ways

RescueTime premium subscriptions come with several additional reports that give you new insights about how you are spending your time. You will be able to learn things like:

Daily patterns: Do you spend more time on email in the morning or the afternoon?

Changes over time: Has your time in meetings been trending up over the past few months?

Compare mobile and desktop time: How much of your distracting time happens on your mobile device vs. your desktop computer?

Search / Rich filters: You can create hourly filters to isolate specific sections of your day in your reports (examples: "monday afternoons", "9-11am on the weekends"). You can also create saved keyword filters to limit your reports to specific activities.

Even more.....

Your RescueTime premium subscription also gets you faster data processing, full access to your archive of logged time, and all the latest and greatest features as they become available.

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Quick question... How much is your time worth?

As a modern worker, the time you have to devote to things is one of your most valuable assets. It’s also one of the most inflexible. There are only so many hours in the day, with different activities competing for each one. RescueTime helps you make better use of that time by showing you inefficiencies, blocking out distractions, and keeping you accountable to yourself. It’s one of the few ways you can actually create more productive time for yourself

If you were to break RescueTime’s cost down by hour (assuming a 40 hour work week), you’re talking about pennies per hour for a tool that helps you work at peak performance. Even if you only squeezed one hour per month out of yourself using RescueTime, it would be a great return on the investment. Given that the average worker spends more than half of their day on communication, meetings, and administrative work instead of role-specific tasks, the total amount of time you’ll reclaim is likely to be much, much higher.

So, how much is your time worth? Get started with RescueTime Premium for only $9.00/month.

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